by nathaxn walker

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written/recorded 02/07/2014


the bank is full of cocaine. it is full of dead bugs. bug powder.
roach powsder. the cociaine stops up their breathing holes. they
suffocate in th e cocainel. there is so much of it it comes out the
atm envelope slot. the windows like there is a unvmoving avalacneh
inside. took the bricks away from the bank brick by brick there
wold be a bank-shaped mound of cocaine in a parking lot that could be broken open like owl scat to find desks full of cocaine and vaults full of cocaine and useles monies torn or carved out of the uncarved block of cociaine. there are centipedes and milipedes that used to writhe but now are like duct tubes connecting cocaine to cocaine. the hydraulic outgrowths to the drive-through are full of cocainel nothing can move through them the doors are stuck open the panels have shorted. squirrels tried to crawl up them when they were cold, gnawing through the cocaine with their teth
but they did of heart attacks, their tailes sticking out through the holes
mummified from the cocaine. it is a dessicant. it is a preservative. it eats holes in things slowly. all the water is removed from the bugs. their exoskeeletons when rapped with a quarter make a sad hollow noise or they would if they were not full up of cocaine like poured concrete in a fiberglass casst. there is no graffitti on the bugs. there is no writing that says "hope you get better soon" or "sorry you chocked to death on tall the cociane" or "have a good summer, you would die in winter anyway unless you curled up in a hollow log and feell
asleep". their feelers and antennae are so delicate and dusted with cocaine they llook like frost patterns on windows or on car windshields. their multi-faceted eyes caved in pushed in with bug powder with the cocaine and it comes out the sides ofr their heads sometimes the parts that stick out of the mass. crushed from
the meeting of inside pressure and outside pressure. this is a place to be avoided.
this is a place that is cursed. horses whinny and move faster along miles out because of the caustic smell. the riders if they are not from around the radius of the bank will ask the horses what is wrong. the horses will get wild-eyed and rear up, sometimes
thrwing off the riders or breaking them with hooves and maybe get sad later af ter they ran and ran and ran from there ora or around there. nothing will grow. there are no plants. the earth cannot breathe. plants cannot stand up. they die in the earth if the seed finds placement under the layers of the cocaine. it whiffsc and crops like meringue in waves around the bank parking lot and cmakes concrentric circles out from there in frozen drifts and eddies. some get so fine they break off in a strong breeze or return to dust,
to pollinate the cocaine elsewhere. birds do not sing. birds fall from the air if they fly over th close enough or low enogugh to th cocaine bank mound. the breeze carries the cocaine up to hthem and they die from everything inside implding they and they fall to the earth.
the dirty white-yellow parking lot is filled with the carcasses of birds that get caugth in the shifinting mounds ad dunes of cocaine littering the concerntric regions around the bank in circles and circles. it is known to not cross th perimeter of dead brirds and not to get
too close as it can be caught and tramnsmitted. the breathing stops. the heart implodes. biles spill. it looks lik ash. it is not ash. eyes bleed black blood. the pupils diasapparate in the eye.
thje eye turns moon-coloored. it turns milyky-white. cataracts of cocaine turn int the eye into layers of onion-layered cocaine which orbit each other even after the person inside is dead until
rupture in plumes up and out from the orbital cavity, sporing into what wind there is but waiting so to carry downwind and catch suddently on clothes and cars and banks and trees until frosted
and stilled and brittled and barrened, dampening sound until teh irritant of the winds is what could be heard if anything is fleft to hear as their eardrums fill with cocaine all up and stopped
until plumes rupture and flecks of dried bllood acan be heard inthe cocaine if anything is left
to hear as eardrums fill up with cocaine and stopped until plumes rupture.


released September 29, 2014
certain images are not owned by me, right




nathaxn walker Lancaster, Pennsylvania

nathaxn walker lives in lancaster pennsylvania.

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