pangolin for the pangolin v​.​1

by nathaxn walker

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pangolin for the pangolin


burnt worms after rain and sun and rain and sun
the negative space of something partially eaten
a fucking headache vs. a fucking heartache unrelieved
bolt-cutter castration vs. hedge-shear castration
total information awareness.
a waste vs. a complete waste of. a corpse garden grows backwards in time. murdererer. the leash is off the cops. fuck me. i don't want. i don't want to fuck me. the pangolin curls in a death spiral, surrounded by its young, who will never get to eat, who will never know, who will only be eaten by and get eaten by again. a staircase going nowhere, like that is a place to be arrived at, and what to do once you get there. fuck that. fuck that doing that. the moonlight like something spilt by accident with no one to clean it up, a fucking stain, a fucking remnant of an earlier wound that couldn't be patched or fixed. this isn't anything. this isn't fucking anything. a hole where a hole used to be and now. burnt hair thrown out with the trash. spillage not to be undone:oversold. pvc decay offgasses whatever is inside. pipe bombs forgotten for decades full of home depot purchases, empty receipts, stapled together, hexane-extraction, broken methylation, melatonin vomited, the vomit gets re-eaten. python vs. python vs. python vs. python vs. python vs. python. fight/fight/fight/fight
a lightswitch apparatus dismantled. i don't want it anymore, ok fine. surcharge charged on top of can't understand, crying all the time. speech lapses, lapping at like rancid milk crescents, hardened to chipped crust. fuck you. i can't. i don't want to. i don't want to be this subject position or any position in this here and now or anywhere, anytime. not. not. not. a constant drip from a broken faucet. not even a real faucet. alligator tears vs. alligator clips. hedge clippers acquire carpet to singe. polyurethane set aflame in a fucking circle. residual annihilation goes on forever until the sun eats it or the sun goes out but not even then. what we call time.


released November 5, 2016
nxww live from the Lancaster PA Days Inn Nov. 5, 2016




nathaxn walker Lancaster, Pennsylvania

nathaxn walker lives in lancaster pennsylvania.

MURDERDRONE BOOK, which nathaxn was blessed to collaborate upon is Now Available at

a nxww chapbook, hlaw hla (w whal daw, is also now available from solar luxuriance as a free PDF
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