melts pooling

by nathaxn walker

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melts pooling mid-floor & crouching down. flags wave; waves flag before they reach the shore. like there was never. like there was never. raised welts circle the trademark, literally the brand induced by chemical sensitivity. unable to rouse, to evict where ensconced, where is ensorcelled, & also when. tears-up at, well, tear gas, because. because undermining being the only mining left, the cannons used to water unsustainably, to gouge & push back emit low-end now at a rate high or higher than, which is to say a vector of injury turns to a radius, deep.
what bark is supposed: bark is protective, bark is announcement, bark is anti-inflammator to put out the fire of bite before it is starts. the trenchcoat with the dog head can hold anything. it is a function of naming. it names "crime", names "riot", it names "looting", names "theft", names "aggression", names "no longer peaceful". a bite out, a bite out, a bite out until nothing is left for anyone. bark is what, really? bark is early onset, bark is bite by any other name. it names the end of peace as it growls embroidering threats embroidering over & out from banks & banks & banks of lights that shut down recording devices, to render an oversight turned out contagious isolate or over. what is surrender when surrounded? what does it to imprison blocks of houses, to ring a town with force, targetedly, ever interior when the bite-mark is purposed invisible but the burning is concentric, so concentrated as to be seen from space without aid, because no help is forthcoming.


released August 16, 2014
nathaxn walker
pic is not mine, i claim no rights to it.




nathaxn walker Lancaster, Pennsylvania

nathaxn walker lives in lancaster pennsylvania.

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