Life Is A Killer by John Giorno read by nathaxn walker

by nathaxn walker

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John Giorno is one of my all-time poetry heroes. I grew up listening to Giorno Poetry Systems, listening to the album tracks he put out over and over again. They were hit singles for me. I wouldn't be the person or the poet i am today were it not for John Giorno. Also, his poetry is incredibly fun to read. I tried to read something i hadn't heard him read a billion times, but i still ended up reading it like a pale imitation. Nonetheless, it was way fun, and something i have always wanted to do. Love to JG!!!


released January 18, 2015
"Life Is A Killer" by John Giorno read by nathaxn walker
also, the track picture is a still from "Sleep" by Andy Warhol, totally starring John Giorno. clearly all credit to Andy and John, etc




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nathaxn walker lives in lancaster pennsylvania.

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